(NON)ALIGNED MOVEMENTS Strengthening contemporary dance in Western Balkans

(NON)ALIGNED MOVEMENTS Strengthening contemporary dance in Western Balkans


Project leader: Station Service for contemporary dance, Serbia

Lokomotiva – Centre for New Initiatives in Arts and Culture, North Macedonia

Nomad Dance Academy, Bulgaria

Tanzfabrik, Germany

Nomad Dance Academy, Slovenia

Maximum grant awarded: 499,657.00 €

(Non)Aligned Movements is boosting the creative and collaborative potential of contemporary dance practices in the WB. It reinforces the social impact of Balkan contemporary dance by raising its capacities for action and collaboration, promoting its heritage and inscribing it in future discourses and practices and supporting stronger connections on regional and European levels.

The objectives are (1) to create a positive environment and favorable conditions for Balkan contemporary dance to thrive in the European context; (2) to develop a collective curatorial practice where co-working, co-creation and co-learning drive new organizational models and set an example for collaborative micro-politics; (3) to reinforce the social impact of Balkan contemporary art and culture through dance, peer-to-peer learning, preservation of endangered and unsystematized dance heritage and systematization of knowledge

Three main pillars of the project are (1) Present the past: preservation of dance heritage through research, conceptualization and presentation (exhibitions and digitalisation) enhancing the digitalisation know-how; (2) Reflect the presence: critical discourse and reflection social, cultural and market value of contemporary dance in the Balkan society; (3) Create the future: an eco-responsible way to provide good working conditions for artists and connect them to another context. NAM pays particular attention to the underprivileged communities within the Balkan contemporary dance scene: women, LGBTQI and body diverse artists, practices and experiences are given priority.