ReCulture: Re- branding of Cultural Institutions in Western Balkans

ReCulture: Re- branding of Cultural Institutions in Western Balkans


Project Leader: Kulturni centar Trebinje, Bosnia and Herzegovina

Udruženje “INK Fest”, Serbia

Fakultet dramskih umetnosti, Serbia

Musée des Civilisations de l’Europe et de la Méditerranée, France

Fiels OG, Austria

Muzej savremene umjetnosti Republike Srpske, Bosnia and Herzegovina

“Umjetnicka kolonija”Danilovgrad, Montenegro

Maximum grant awarded: 466,852 €

The overall aim of the ReCulture project is establishing a basis for improved visibility and modernized appearance of Western Balkan cultural institutions by supporting the inter-sectoral linking and cooperation between cultural and creative industries within the Western Balkans and EU Member States. Specific project objectives are: 1) Capacity building of cultural institutions from Western Balkans through reconstructing their visual identities and developing new skills in strategic approach towards audience development and communication practices; 2) Gaining new professional experiences and expertise of young WB designers through fostering cooperation within WB and acquiring and practising new designing skills shared by EU and WB design professionals and 3) Promoting new marketing and audience development approaches and testing new models of revenue of WB cultural institutions through education on new business skills, production of limited series of souvenirs and development of on-line souvenir shops. Four WB cultural institutions (BIH, MN, RS) will familiarize with best EU practices in modern communication and audience development, get new visual identity and skills to strategically develop and maintain new communication and audience development approaches. Group of young WB designers will acquire wide range of experiences and skills and use them to, under mentoring of recognized EU and WB professionals, work on re-branding of four WB cultural institutions and thus improve their professional portfolios and employability. The process will be based on strategic participatory analyses of the work of WB cultural institutions followed with production and dissemination of set of documents with recommendations both for designers and institutions. Artistic and cultural events in BIH, MN and RS including Novi Sad EcoC 2022, will ensure learning between EU and WB institutions and professionals, and promotion of project outputs and outcomes.