Translation in Motion

Translation in Motion


Project leader: Réseau Européen des Centres Internationaux de Traducteurs Littéraires (RECIT), France

Association pour la Promotion de la Traduction Litteraire, France

Drustvo za izdavanje, promet i uslugi GOTEN GRUP, North Macedonia

Fondacia “Sledvashta Stranica”, Bulgaria

OKF d.o.o., Montenegro

Östersjöns Författar – Och Översättarcentrum (Baltic Centre for Writers and Translators), Sweden

Sabiedriba ar Ierobezotu Atbildibu Starptautiska Rakstnieku un Tulkotaju Maja, Lithuania

Shoqata Poeteka, Albania

Association KROKODIL, Serbia

Maximum grant awarded: 347.468 €

The project “Translation In Motion” represents a contribution to the pool of high quality contemporary translation material in the field of European literature. With the focus on translation to and from the languages of the Western Balkans, within the “Translation in motion” project, in the period of three years, in nine different countries, 32 translation residences will be organized, in order to secure favorable conditions for work, research and interaction within the language are of the target language for literary translators. With the possibility of establishing professional contact, familiarization with the audience, publishers and agents from the host country, one-month translation residences also imply 60 events which will be open for the wider public. Apart from this, numerous workshops with leading experts from this field will be organized. Translators will apply to work on still unpublished translation.

Within the project various genres will be involved, with a special focus on works of children’s literature and youth literature. The final result of the project assumes the minimum of 25 translated books. The aim of the project “Translation in motion” is improving conditions and creating sustainable resources for continuous translation of literary works, and also support to centres for translation residences – leading institutions for internationalization of literary works.