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Štrik: From Sewing Machine to Facebook ̶ Two Centuries of European Women’s Literature


Štrik Publishing House

Grant awarded: 59,960.31 €

Štrik will translate, publish, promote and distribute 10 high quality works by female authors from 10 European countries (1 short story collection will be translated from Serbian into Spanish, 6 books from lesser used into lesser used language; 4 different genres).

The project will promote Creative Europe program and essential European values, contribute to the diversity of literature and languages, ensure wide accessibility of works through distribution and promotion strategy, and contribute to enlargement and renewal of reading audiences by using proven and innovative promotion practices and digital technologies. All selected top literary translators will be promoted with the books: we are the only publisher to put translators’ names on the front cover, include their biographies in each book; we will publish them on our website and in the project apps.

The project will achieve transnational mobility and circulation on several levels: geographically (10 countries), thematically (position and role of women in modern world, issues women from different European countries, of different age, social status, and professions encounter), linguistically (major and lesser used languages), temporally (spanning from the 20th to the 21st century), genre-wise (different genres) aiming to show how and if the position of women in Europe has changed through space and time, and how that change has influenced style and themes of women’s literature and its reception.

We will achieve: diversity of literary works; transnational connections and circulation; promotion of high quality literature, the Creative Europe Program, and translators; publication of books from a lesser used into a major language, reaching new audience for classical and modern female authors and different genres; cross-section of changes, development and reception of women’s literature; socially responsible behaviour and the improvement of diversity, equal opportunity gender equality and European values in Serbia.

Akademska knjiga: Modernity and tradition of European literature


Akademska knjiga Publishing House

Grant awarded: 51,860.52 €

This micro choice of European writers aims to represent the literatures of Western, Middle and North Europe. We are sure that we will make readers both in Serbia and the region closer to culture and literature which are not enough present in Serbia and in the region.

Our aim is to contribute to better transnational circulation of high-quality European literature and therefore we chose titles which were awarded eminent prizes (BNG Literature prize, Renaudot, The European Union Prize for Literature, Magnesia Litera). Polish work was nominated for the Nike and Angelus. Our package involves the work written by one of the most widely known Hungarian and Central European writers, Péter Esterházy, a leading figure of 20th century Hungarian literature. We chose to translate the poetry of Hungarian poet Ottó Tolnai whose one book of poetry has already been published by ourselves (“A kisinyovi rózsa”). We involved drama as a genre which is not enough represented in Serbia and in the region, written by the second most frequently performed dramatist in the world after Shakespeare – Henrik Ibsen.

We have secured excellent translators whose translations have been highly praised by both reviewers and the audience. Next step is proofreading and editing where our team strives for the best possible result by collaborating closely with the translators. The following step is the design of the page and the book covers. Once the book has been published we will focus on the marketing and distribution via distribution chains, social media and literary evenings. We will pay attention to promotional materials such as bookmarkers, special informative brochure, roll-up and posters in order to our package be visibly as much as possible. The strategy of distribution works in format of e-book would be new and it will help our project to reach as much readers as possible not only in Serbia but also in the region and among people in foreign countries who are familiar with Serbian language.

Kontrast Publishing: Literary Translation ̶ Two-way Street


Kontrast Publishing

Grant Awarded: 57297.25 €

Kontrast’s project „Literary Translation ̶ Two-way Street” has couple major tasks: to translate 5 works of Serbian acclaimed authors into English, German and Spanish/Castilian, language, as well works of 4 awarded European authors into Serbian; to publish (printed, audio and e-books), promote and disseminate those 9 titles; to contribute to a wider circulation of literature from lesser used languages into more used languages; to promote high quality European literary works to Serbian audience, but also to present some of best contemporary Serbian authors to European audience.

That is way we use the expression “two-way street” in the project title. Selected books represent the highest literary values: novels by Magda Szabó and Mircea Cărtărescu are among finest achievements in contemporary literature. They are certainly one of most important European authors in last couple decades. Novels by Darko Tuševljaković and Undinė Radzevičiūtė are claiming toward international success: both won European Prize for Literature. Multiple awarded novel by Dejan Tiago-Stanković is among best contemporary Serbian titles and winner of acclaimed “Branko Ćopić” literary award of Serbian Academy of Sciences and Arts.

Four books from the project are written in less represented genres: Odysseas Elytis is Nobel Prize winner and one of the greatest poets in XX century. Collection of short stories by Jelena Lengold is awarded with European Prize for Literature, and collection of short stories by Vladan Matijević, prominent Serbian writer and NIN Award laureate, considers as modern classic. Dejan Aleksić is leading writer of children and YA fiction and poetry in Serbia and his works are already included in schoolbooks. He is one of most awarded living authors in Serbia today as well as most popular children poet.

Areté: Literary Migration ̶ Spatial, Temporal and Spiritual Dislocation


Areté Publishing House

Grant Awarded: 51,983.30 €

The project “Literary Migration: Spatial, Temporal, and Spiritual Dislocation” problematizes the relationship between the estrangement and re-birth of literary heroes, but also of the authors who create/live in the environment to which they arrived and which has been transformed into another cultural context.

With frequent change of borders during its turbulent history, the Old Continent went through many migrations of people – from European to other world countries, and from different continents to Europe – which gave a fertile ground for artistic creation that deals with the issue of identity in the surrounding that cannot be called a birthplace, whether because the boundaries of nations had changed or because the personal stance of the author or the protagonist towards the environment where they grew up had changed. Other countries and Serbia itself was the scene of such events and this unstable historical heritage motivated the authors to write about their personal migrations and inability to precisely determine their own motherland. We believe that the actuality of this issue in our country has sparked a significant interest in those subjects, and that the readers will certainly be curious and sympathetic about similar situations from the European literary production that can be comparatively traced through the whole 20th and 21st century.

Every book chosen for the project speaks about the spatial, temporal, and spiritual dislocation conditioned by political events as well as by personal tragedies. The project is consisted of books of seven authors from seven different countries of the European Union. The author of the book “Gogoli disko” won a prestigious EUPL award. There are four novels, a collection of poems, and two collections of short stories in the project. All selected authors are winners of distinguished cultural awards in their respective countries, and their work has been translated to many languages.

Literary traslations 2018

Heliks: Creative Voyage – Destination Europe


Heliks Publishing House

Grant awarded: 58,779.30 €

Literary translation project “Creative Voyage: Destination Europe” is focused on translation, distribution and promotion of high quality works of fiction written by contemporary authors from ten European countries. The main objective of the project is establishing connection between various European cultural coordinates using the creative potential of translated literature. Linguistic and stylistic diversification and variety of genres reflect our intention to present comprehensive and multifaceted view on contemporary European literature, introduce new literary perspectives and help create tomorrow’s readers. Selection of books shows prevalence of lesser used languages (Greek, Norwegian, Bulgarian, Swedish, Polish, Slovenian, Hungarian, Icelandic), under-represented genres (poetry, short stories, young adult novels), and authors new to our reading audience. The project is an opportunity to refresh our literary environment with literature stemming from different cultures with which reading public in Serbia has rarely been connected through world of letters.

Heliks team is well prepared for such demanding publishing endeavours which will be realized in full accord with high industry standards throughout all production phases. Prominent translators and language experts will join our in-house team and considerably add up to the overall quality of the project. To further engage our reading audience, flexible and customized distribution campaign is planned with strong reliance on digital and online sphere and with retaining traditional channels as important components of distribution strategy.

Promotion activities are custom-made in order to ensure maximum visibility of the works, authors, and cultures. Also significant for this project is continuity in promoting principle ideas from Creative Europe programme, which beneficiary we have been several times, and EUPL awarded books – almost twenty in our backlist.