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Big success of local publishers: literary translations 2014 competition (category 1, two-year projects)


With a total of sixty-three supported publishing houses of which eighteen come from Serbia, six local publishers gained support for the realization of a two-year project within the Program Creative Europe, competition for literary translation in 2014: Darkvud d.o.o, Translation of 8 Works of the Ninth Art into Serbian; Publishing house “Klio”, Grail on water; Geopoetika Publishing, Identity Search Project,; Publishing house “Sezam books“, Many stories of history – translation of seven books in Serbian; Independent agency for publishing “Odiseja“, Awarded European Children’s Writers; Publishing house “Heliks“, Identities: the persistence of search for human values in European literature.

Great commitment and success of local publishers is illustrated by the data on the success of projects from other countries: Bulgaria (26:9), Spain (22:7), Croatia (18:3), Slovenia (18:3), Macedonia (14:5), Italy (17:6), Great Britain (8:2), France (8:2), Poland (6:1), Czech Republic (5:1), Denmark (5:1), Germany, Portugal (3:0), Sweden (3:0), Turkey (3:0), etc. In other words, Serbia took the third place among the list of states which participated in the competition of projects of literary translations.

Publishers from Serbia got the financial support in the amount of 241.211,00 EUR.