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Experimental Music Venues


Project Leader: Stichting WORM, The Netherlands

Kvaka 22, Serbia

Dabadaba, Spain

VK, Belgium

Maximum grant awarded: 72.215 €


The initiators – Dabadaba / San Sebastian (ES), VK / Brussels (BE), Kvaka22 / Belgrade (RS) and WORM / Rotterdam (NL) – exchange experience with each other and together with a number of alliance partners, develop new strategies and investigate the opportunities for the economic sustainability of the pop venue as an Experimental Community Space. The experimental, small-scale power of the small venues is used for heterogeneous programming with local culturally diverse communities. In this way, a contribution is made to the development of new forms of (live) music, new relationships with new audiences and metropolitan coherence. The project consists of four work conferences, the production of a tool kit for small stages and governments and the production of a video documentary. The project is made sustainable by a follow-up request at Creative Europe.

EEnlarge Europe


Project Leader: Szubjektív Értékek Alapítvány, Hungary

Kvaka 22, Serbia

Channel Zero, Slovenia

Nappali, Hungary

Moszkva, Romania

Zentropia, Serbia

Maximum grant awarded: 78.806 €

EEnlarge Project connects 6 countries’ small venues and music professional organisations to boost up the small live venue scene in Eastern Europe. The spine of the 18-month project will be five events with interactive conferences and workshops. Each event will take place in different cities within the partnership, hence best practices can be seen in practice. The website of the project will have an important role with the internal communication channel, a knowledge base, and information base and database. Also as part of the project there will be a big survey and pilot programmes, to put theories into practice.