About the Programme

Creative Europe is the European Commission’s framework programme for support to the culture and media sectors.

Following on from the previous Culture Programme and MEDIA programmes, Creative Europe, with a budget of €1.46 billion (9% higher than its predecessors), will support:

– Culture sector initiatives, such as those promoting cross-border cooperation, platforms, networking, and literary translation;

– Audiovisual sector initiatives, such as those promoting the development, distribution, or access to audiovisual works;

– A cross-sectoral strand, including a Guarantee Facility and transnational policy cooperation.

The programme consists of two sub-programmes; the Culture sub-programme to promote the culture sector, and the MEDIA sub-programme to support the audiovisual sector. Results are published on the Creative Europe Dissemination Platform.

Culture sub-programme

The Creative Europe programme has two sub-programmes, Culture and MEDIA, in addition to a cross-sectoral strand. Under the Culture sub-programme, opportunities exist for:

– Cooperation between cultural and creative organisations from different countries;

– Initiatives to translate and promote literary works across the European Union;

– Networks helping the cultural and creative sector to operate competitively and transnationally;

– Establishing platforms to promote emerging artists and stimulating European programming for cultural and artistic works.

The Culture sub-programme helps cultural and creative organisations to operate transnationally and promotes the cross-border circulation of works of culture and the mobility of cultural players.

It provides financial support to projects with a European dimension aiming to share cultural content across borders.

Funding opportunities cover a diverse range of schemes: Cooperation projects, Literary Translation, Networks or Platforms. The supported activities aim to enable cultural and creative players to work internationally.