Programme priorities

Audience development

Audience development means bringing people and culture closer together. It aims to directly engage people and communities in experiencing, enjoying and valuing arts and culture. Audience development is about doing something together with audiences, rather than doing something for them.

Transnational mobility

Transnational mobility facilitates the movement of artists and professionals across national boundaries. It also facilitates the transnational circulation of cultural and creative works. The aim of this priority is to promote cultural exchanges, intercultural and interfaith dialogue, and the understanding of cultural diversity and social inclusion.

Capacity building

Capacity building helps cultural professionals to further develop their skills in order to facilitate access to international opportunities as well as creating conditions for greater transnational circulation of cultural and creative works and for cross-border networking. This can happen in numerous ways and the main three (each of which constitutes a programme priority in its own right) are: digitization, new business models, trainings and education.