What we do?

Creative Europe Desk Serbia will provide expert assistance and advice on completing the application forms, as well as information on potential regional and European partners. Apart from that, the Ministry of Culture and Information of the Republic of Serbia will co-finance successful organizations from Serbia in competitions of the Creative Europe programme, not only to encourage a greater number of local participants, but also to help raise international reputation of cultural organizations from Serbia, making them relevant and preferred partners.

An important role of the activities of Creative Europe Desk Serbia is encouraging creative and cultural organizations in public and civil sectors that have not applied for Creative Europe funding before, via the Desk’s website, Facebook page, mailing list, various publications that promote the programme and further clarify the programming procedure, media appearances, and by mapping cultural organizations with potential and existing capacities for international co-operation, as well as through all promoting and educational activities of the Desk.

A special activity of Creative Europe Desk Serbia is to make a database of research and statistics in the field of culture, which is directly or indirectly related to international cooperation, and initiate research and other projects that encourage the development of the whole system of culture in Serbia.

What does Creative Europe Desk provide for cultural institutions, civil society organizations and professionals in the field of culture?

– Information on Creative Europe programme and programme competitions

– Help to write applications for the Creative Europe programme

– Information about the priorities of the Creative Europe programme

– Advice on how to successfully apply for Creative Europe funding

– Assistance in finding European partners

– Help in designing projects

– Information on European institutions, organizations and networks of culture, as well as mediation in communication (strengthening contacts between national and European cultural organizations)

– Lobbying for the provision of funding from other sources

– Help in providing greater visibility of projects

– Information on other programs of the European Union

Activities of Creative Europe Desk Serbia:

– Seminars and training

– Conferences in the fields of cultural policy and cultural management

– Attracting potential applicants from the Republic of Serbia

– Promoting Creative Europe and other European programmes

– Implementing projects (seminars, conferences, presentations) aimed at building audiences, career development, modern business and programming models, as well as other priorities of Creative Europe

– Training in cultural institutions (in house training)

– Presentation of successful projects from Serbia, the region and Europe

– Designing and implementing development projects aimed at improving the domestic cultural system and international cooperation (initiating, implementing and collecting existing research and statistics in culture)

– Issuing publications about Creative Europe and activities of the Creative Europe Desk Serbia (in order to promote the programme and facilitate the application process for local cultural organizations)