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Before you apply, carefully read all instructions related to the competition of the Creative Europe programme – LITERARY TRANSLATIONS, on the following website.

The following links with user instructions can also be useful:

Creative Europe/ Culture Sub-programe / Support to literary translations – Guidelance

Guide for applicants for Literary translations projects

The rules concerning the segment of the programme LITERARY TRANSLATIONS must be complied with. On the contrary, filling in the electronic form will not be possible.

In order to apply to the Creative Europe Programme, organisations and institutions should create a separate EACAS account (European Commission Authentication Service Account) through which they will go through the process of applying. This does not apply to organisations and institutions which already have their own account used when applying to previous programmes of the EU.

After all checks are made and the account is created, each organisation included in the project you are applying for should register on the Participant Portal, and afterwards they will receive a special identification code (Participant Identification Code PIC). This code is used when filling the electronic form.

Creating the electronic form

Creating the electronic form (eForm) implies several steps:

1. choosing the programme of financial support,

2. choosing the language,

3. choosing the organisations participating in the project,

4. creating the competition form,

5. saving the competition form on a computer or on a local network,

6. filling and saving the form.

These steps are described in detail in the User Manual.

You should bear in mind that the steps must be performed in continuity. Namely, it is not possible to stop the process of creating an electronic form and continue later. In the case of closing the Internet window in which the form is being filled in or the entire browser, the already entered data will be lost and it will be necessary to repeat the entire process. Therefore, it is very important to prepare all PIC numbers and to comply with all rules related to EUROPEAN NETWORKS.

Submitting an application

It is necessary to attach the requested annexes with the electronic form.

After filling in the electronic form and adding annexes, all attached documents should be confirmed. The confirmation initiates automatic checking of documents, followed by a notification about whether the application form is complete. If it is, the form is submitted online.

After this, you will receive a confirmation e-mail with the number of submission. If you do not receive this e-mail, contact the Helpdesk at:

In the case of other technical problems you should also refer to Helpdesk.

For all questions and assistance when applying, you should contact the Desk Creative Europe Serbia.