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National Council of Macedonian National Minority
Tangible culture – historical sites and buildings
Painting, drawing
Translation, Publishing

The National Council of the Macedonian national minority is a republic institution established under the Law on National Councils of National Minorities and the most self-governing body of the national minorities with public authorities and representing the interests and representing the Macedonian national minority in the areas of:

- Education
- Culture,
- Information,
- And official use of language and script.

The Council also participates in the decision-making process or decide on issues in these fields and establish appropriate institutions in these areas on the basis of law, and managed.

The national councils of national minorities are partners and advisory body of state power and its representatives participate in decision-making on issues that are significant as characteristic of national minorities. Because of this, the Council is a very important institution for the national minority. National councils are financed directly from the national, provincial and municipal budgets and through donations.
Working on the informational, cultural, educational, and plan on official use of language, the National Council creating opportunities for promotion boards and in other domains. The prosperity of the community and raising its educational and cultural capacities exploiting the potential of this community will contribute to the overall economic, economic and cultural development of Serbia and especially the region where the Macedonian community living.

Zorica Mitrovic