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NEFELE "Network of European Art Festivals for mEntal HeaLth Enhancement"
Theatre, Dance, Music, Circus art, Street art, Puppetry
Tangible culture – Museums, Intangible culture
Painting, drawing, Graphic arts, Photography, Sculpture, Digital arts, Film, Video
Graphic design

We are the "Nefele Network", a Belgian non-profit association founded in 2017, and based in Brussels. Our full name is "Network of European Art Festivals for mEntal HeaLth Enhancement". Our organisation is a collaborative structure with a managing international Board, comprised by leading and emerging organizations, active in the field of Arts and Mental Health. The network's members run periodic collaborative art events and intend to use the knowledge, experience and wealth of information accumulated to promote dialogue, exchange, and the facilitation of all kinds of art activities connected with the field of Arts and Mental Health.

Previous EU grants received: NEFELE Network has experience with Creative Europe programs and Erasmus+ Sports (took part in 2017 and board member orgainsations have huge experience as coordinators). We are currently running a REC program as a partner (Rights, Equality & Citizenship Programme: Prevent and Combat Violence against children, young people and women) and we are intenting to join more schemes as a partner.

Maritina Kontaratou