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Perilo Zabrezje
Theatre, Music, Street art
Tangible culture – historical sites and buildings, Tangible culture – Museums, Tangible culture – Libraries and archives
Painting, drawing, Sculpture, Digital arts, Film, Video

NGO “Perilo Zabrezje” was founded in 2010. with a goal (statut) „preserving nature and historical heritage“ at Perilo and Zabrezje old town on the river Sava in Obrenovac-Belgrade. We are using Perilo home collection with historical subjects from the house, where serbian diplomacy and euro integrations started in 1804. This collection includes subjects from avantgarda Zagreb period of Traveller and later famous urbanist Milosh Somborski, violin from century that was owned by the founder of the first Obrenovac church choir Dragoljub Vicentijevic, dr Svetozar Varićak diplomas and belongings from period while he was living with Albert and Mileva Einstein, old money, old books, pieces of art, philatelic collection etc. We had several successfull projects like “Perilo memorial picnic” with educational memorial table, sport grounds at Perilo and “Zabrezje old town-open air museum” place of former harbour, industrial, and cultural center and border customs between Kingdom of Serbia and Austro-Hungary Empire, with manifestations: “Night of museums”, “Belgrade days” and our brand festival “Oslobadjanje” (eng: freeing) that is directed at contemporary art through jazz, reaggae, avantgarda and performance. In 2013, 2014, 2015 we had 79 international programs and cooperation with Austrian kultur forum, Leonardiano museum Italy, prof dr Irina Subotic, prof Misa Krstic, Koja Disciplin a Kitschme etc, and gathered artists and people through our moto: “making

Milan Katic
+381 63 77 0 77 41