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Society Forward Center Albania
Theatre, Music, Street art
Tangible culture – historical sites and buildings
Painting, drawing

Society Forward Albania is a young NGO located in Tirana, Albania. The team of experts that founded Society Forward Albania are well experienced professionals in the international and local environment. They have worked several years internationally, in international organizations and bring to Albania their innovative and progressive ideas.

Our key priority areas:
-Tourism, Cultural, and Cultural- Heritage and Similar Industries
-Environment and Natural Resources
-Technology Innovation. IT Application and Informatics
-Industry, Energy and Transport
-Agriculture and Food Security
-Sustainable and Integrated Development
-Enterprises and SMEs
-Social and Humanitarian Services, Human Rights (Women, Youth and Minorities)
-Research, study and Innovation, Reviews, Training and Evaluation
We intend to achieve our objectives through promoting empowerment, working in partnership with others, (be these NGOs, local and central government, independent institutions and training organizations or universities) through ensuring accountability and promoting responsibility, addressing discrimination, promoting the non violent resolution of results of conflicts and seeking sustainable results.

Society Forward Center Albania is engaged through informal and formal coalitions with NGO and other networks based on common advocacy objectives.