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World Music Association of Serbia

World Music Association of Serbia is non- governmental and unprofitable association established in 2000 and it gathers admirers of traditional music and polygenre world music (ethno music).

The association has initiated various actions so far, in order to affirm, popularize world/ ethno music in Serbia and presentations of the local traditional and world music abroad.

The most significant activities and projects of this association are:

- Publishing magazine ‘’Etnoumlje’’

- Publishing audio and video editions within the recording company WMAS Records

- Organizing annual World Music summits and assigning the award ‘’Vojin Mališa Draškoci’’

- Publishing chronicle ‘’World Music in Serbia- first 30 years’’

- Forming World Music archives and magnetic tape files.

The association cooperates with many institutions and associations in Serbia.

We invite musicians, musicologists, ethnomusicologists, promoters, discographers, journalists and others whose profession is in any way related to world/ ethno music, as well as music admirers, to join us.

Recording company WMAS Records (within the ‘’World Music Association of Serbia) was established in 2007 in order to publish recordings of traditional and world music from Serbia. WMAS Records editions are published with magazine ‘’Etnoumlje’’ and also separately. All editions are unprofitable and intended for promotional purpose only.

Oliver Djordjevic