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YLDA – Young people for Local Development Association
Street art
Painting, drawing, Graphic arts, Photography, Sculpture, Digital arts, Film, Video

YLDA – Young people for Local Development Association is a cultural organization born in Torino in 2005. The association aims to involve young people in local development processes, mainly supporting emerging talents and young artists in transforming their competences, skills, and talents into a job.
The most important project let by YLDA is the event Paratissima ( ) that is one of the most visited artistic happenings in Italy with about 50,000 visitors, more the 500 young artists and creative talents involved. The main goal of Paratissima is to give young people the chance to exhibit their artworks in a high qualifying framework, providing them with specific technical training and education in order to increase their key competences. Paratissima thus wants to build a bridge between young emerging artists who are looking for a chance of visibility and are trying to enter in the contemporary art system, and the gatekeepers of the system, such as collectors, curators, gallerists, critics, etc. One of the main features of Paratissima is the use of social media not only as a means for marketing but also as a tool for audience development and for engaging the main target groups.
Since 2014 the Paratissima International network ( ) started to grow thanks to the establishment of two new Paratissima events: in Skopje since 2014 and in Lisbon since 2016.

Damiano Aliprandi