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Association for Support to Inclusion of Minority Groups \"Inclusive Network\"
Field of activity
Tangible culture – Museums, Tangible culture – Libraries and archives
Graphic design
Creative writing, Publishing

Keywords: inclusion, education, music, art, equality, people with disabilities, assistive technology
The "Inclusive Network" organization was established in 2012. Our organization has implemented a lot of projects in order to create equal conditions for the education of a student with disabilities, promote their achievements and educate teachers and public.
The most important results are:
1. The Braille Cloud library (brajevoblak.locloudhosting.net),
2. Over 150 textbooks adapted in Braille
3. First software for students with dyslexia, which we called lexPad
4. A lot of workshops and training for pupils with disabilities and teachers for the use of assistive technologies in the teaching process
5. The first \"Concert in the Darkness\" in Serbia, where classical music artists with and without disabilities performed equally. On this way, we made a new approach to the perception of the artwork and worked on the development and sensitization of the art audience. We are interested in cooperation with educational music institutions, Museums in the Dark, Music festivals, organizations, and institutions that have an innovative approach to the development of artistic events and audiences

Mirjana Mihailovic