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Association "Online Performance Art, Onlineum - Online Museum"
http://onlineum.com/ http://onlineperformanceart.com/
Field of activity
Theatre, Dance, Music, Opera, Circus art, Street art, Puppetry
Tangible culture – historical sites and buildings, Tangible culture – Museums
Painting, drawing, Graphic arts, Photography, Sculpture, Digital arts, Film, Video
Decorative arts, Graphic design, Fashion design, Craftwork
Creative writing

Association "Online Performance Art, Onlineum - Online Museum" is a cultural association from Belgrade. It is developing Onlineum - Online Museum and Online Performance Art FESTIVAL, and also different local and international projects. Association is making collaborations with institutions on exhibiting, showing, producing, promoting art in its online space and different physical spaces.

Onlineum as unique concept is the first and only Online Art Museum in the world, the biggest world network that presents all artworks from all artists all over the world and platform created to stream and show art live online, through live shows and online exhibitions.
Onlineum is created as a new contribution to art, time and space, specialized for all art forms in the whole world so that all people in the world can see it, watch and visit in any place and time, through website www.onlineum.com as the address for shows, streams and presentations of everything happening in the online museum, every art project, show, performance, exhibition that is streamed and shown in the museum.
Website www.onlineum.com as Onlineum space is the space of Online Museum for art. Its opportunity for all to exhibit, show, stream live… online.

Dragan Strunjaš